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Sales Workshop for
Early Stage Tech Start-ups

Are you a startup founder trying to figure out a sales process that works? Or a sales professional looking to break into the startup world?

If the answer is yes, then this workshop is for you.

Working Together on Project

Why do we organize this workshop?

Regardless of the product or service, every Entrepreneur will have to sell at some stage.

Even though all of them have already successfully sold their ideas to Incubators, Angel Investors and even to Equity Investors who placed their faith in them, when they move into the arena of customer sales things become more difficult.

There are several reasons why startups could have difficulties, however, sales and the lack of growth is the area where Entrepreneurs and tech Startups struggle the most.

The majority of our customers come to us after they’ve tried different sales strategies, but the results are still missing. And after we do our analysis, the conclusions are always the same:

1. Not sales "ready"

The founders think the organization is “sales ready” but it isn’t.


2. No real focus in 
sales &marketing 

Most of the time there is little focus, or focus on the wrong segments with not so good messages, therefore resources are wasted with no results. 

3. The sales process isn’t working

Most of the time salespeople and sales managers hired by the startups have a corporate background, therefore the sales processes developed by them reflect their experience, missing to adjust to the stage in which the startups are. 

Working Together on Project

Why you should participate in this workshop?

Participating in this workshop will help you evaluate your startup sales readiness, and establish some immediate objectives and actions to accelerate your sales. This way you will avoid spending money and time on activities that do not generate real results.

We will use several frameworks to analyze your startup positioning and understand what organizations and individuals to target, and how to improve at every stage of your sales process.

At the end of the session you will have answers to questions like


What individuals/ organizations are most likely to buy my products?


What needs to be done to accelerate our sales?


How can we build a high performing sales team with the right structure?


How can I identify them?


How can we improve every step of the sales process?


How to improve our demos?

There are hundreds of courses for startups that  you can enroll in.

But this is not a course. It is a workshop.
This means you will have the opportunity to immediately apply all the techniques presented
to your specific business, as well as interact and receive feedback and ideas from the participants and facilitators.

The Agenda


Factors that influence individual and organization sales performance 



Frameworks to identify the differentiators that matter 



Models to pin-point individuals and segments that will actually pay for your product/solutions


Strategies to improve the effectiveness and efficiency of your prospecting


Techniques to improve the success rate of your demos

The Logistics

When                8 September 2022 

                          8hrs (full day)

Location           TBA, Live on location (Bucharest, City Center)

Participants     Up to 12-14 Participants, all responsible for sales in tech startups


Special Alumni Price (How to Web, Rubik Hub, Launch & Commons Accel) 349€   Full Price 499€

Meet the Facilitators


25+ years of sales and sales management experience. Built and managed sales teams for IBM, DELL, HP and Bitdefender. Since 2018 worked with more than 30 startups to help develop and enhance their business and sales strategies.

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+20 years of experience in the IT industry.
+10000 hours of training delivered for managers and executives, sales, marketing, and customer service representatives.


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