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Maria Sas

Managing Partner

Maria Sas is a branding and marketing specialist with over 9+ years working in creative industries. She is currently working marketing director at Kiana Teas, creative director at Conceptualive and a specialist part of the GCG and Atnnovate Team. Maria’s artistic background and an entrepreneurial family, have led her to innately see both macro and micro in the development of the communication of a brand/company. With international work experience in Milan, Copenhagen and Paris; she has gained insights as to what it takes to build a company image that resonates internationally. Maria has work experience in design, international sales, aquisitions and stock control.

Believing in life long learning, Maria is currently going to certify as a Sales Force Sales Consultant.

  • Branding & graphic design

  • Marketing & communications strategy

  • Market research

  • Brand management

  • Social media marketing

Maria Sas
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