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Atnnovate lenses for strategic clarity, Atnnovate experts to accelerate. 

Our customers usually have a great product already, and even greater objectives.


But the end game is to create a market not only to build a product or a technology. Getting there, needs making hard choices and prioritising, as the bigger the challenge greater the focus; that cannot be achieved without strategic clarity.


Atnnovate lenses are the theories and frameworks that we use to analyse and define together with your team your business model and priorities to achieve strategic clarity.


Atnnovate Experts have extensive know-how and practical experiences, guaranteeing that you have access to industries' best practices, enabling best decisions while assisting in execution.



Taking Your Business to
the Next Level

Business Strategy

Market & Competitive Analysis

Strategic Options


Business Model

Decide, Prioritise, Execute

Learning & Development 

Leadership Development Programs

On-Boarding Programs

LMS Implementations

Knowledge, Skills, Competences

Human Resources

Job Responsibilities,

Job Profiles,


Fractional Management,

Inspire & Motivate

Deliver, Assist, Recruit

International Expansion

Strategic Options

Analyse & Prioritise

Recruit, Develop, Adjust

Sales Enablement


Sales Playbook

Product & Sales Training

Plan, Train, Coach


Legal Assistance & Implementation

As-is Analysis,

Change & Development Plans

Deliver, Coach, Assist, Recruit

Sales & Sales Operations


Compensation Strategy

Reports, CRM

Outbound Targeting

Sell, Measure, Improve

Branding & Marketing

Branding & Re-Branding

Competitive Analysis

Communication Strategy & Implementation

Analyze, Adjust, Communicate

Meet the team .png

Meet the Experts, Specialists & Mentors with over


Years of Experience


Qualified Experts


Areas of Expertise

Mihai Guran


Meet the Experts, Specialists & Mentors.


Get to know their area of expertise and how they could help you grow your company 

Radu Mesa
Sandra Jitianu


“Getting into the weeds in a deep diving sales session together with Mihai GURAN – I highly recommend such exercise to all early stage start-ups! For TypingDNA, Mihai is already a key resource, for starters he conducted an audit of the sales and marketing operations helping us identify strategic options in order to accelerate our global expansion. Trough his network, Mihai also helped us recruit our first US employee. I can’t praise Mihai enough, his experience, know-how, network and out of the box thinking come in a rare combination, but his ability to translate hard goals and complex tactics into simple, achievable plans is the best.”

Raul Popa, CEO & Data Scientist




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